[v3,10/13] travis: build dpdk for general cpu

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  • test: Increase scalability and performance of odp_pktio_perf
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Github ODP bot Oct. 9, 2017, 2 p.m.
From: Maxim Uvarov <maxim.uvarov@linaro.org>

as described here build dpdk for Sandybridge
to make it work in Travis

Signed-off-by: Maxim Uvarov <maxim.uvarov@linaro.org>

/** Email created from pull request 188 (WonderfulVoid:master)
 ** https://github.com/Linaro/odp/pull/188
 ** Patch: https://github.com/Linaro/odp/pull/188.patch
 ** Base sha: c16af6486eea240609f334b1bdc81a11404275de
 ** Merge commit sha: 4ad1d0615a4dcd74d4e9703090149eec1a58d7d2
 .travis.yml | 2 ++
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)


diff --git a/.travis.yml b/.travis.yml
index 7aff2e623..990579202 100644
--- a/.travis.yml
+++ b/.travis.yml
@@ -159,6 +159,8 @@  install:
             make config T=${TARGET} O=${TARGET}
             pushd ${TARGET}
             sed -ri 's,(CONFIG_RTE_LIBRTE_PMD_PCAP=).*,\1y,' .config
+            cat .config |grep RTE_MACHINE
+            sed -ri 's,(CONFIG_RTE_MACHINE=).*,\1"snb",' .config
             make install T=${TARGET} EXTRA_CFLAGS="-fPIC"
             rm -r ./doc ./${TARGET}/app ./${TARGET}/build